Cortney Jones is a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Realtor®, Certified Coach, philanthropist, volunteer, wife and mom who is passionate about helping people and giving back.

Creatively investing in real estate since 1992, Cortney has bought and sold over 1,000 houses using creative financing and none of her own money or credit. She owned and operated a real estate brokerage for 15 years, educating agents on the value of investing in real estate. Investing in real estate is now more lucrative than ever. Investors are purchasing real estate properties, and taking advantage of the best opportunities in multiple states. As high-net-worth individuals consider building generational wealth, investing in real estate is an effective way to achieve portfolio diversity and grow wealth.

Real estate is a pretty unique asset class with a range of underlying characteristics and strategies that can serve multiple purposes for an investor. The asset class of real estate investing inherently has lower volatility and low correlation to stocks and bonds, which can improve the risk/return profile of a portfolio. Real estate investments can help high-net-worth investors, offset a low-yield, inflationary environment, shelter capital gains and offer a tax-efficient investment option.

Cortney has run her real estate investing business as a lifestyle business, changing the focus & business model to meet the time and lifestyle needs of her family. She enjoys helping other women investors on the side as a mentor and coach. As a partner at WREN (women’s real estate network) Cortney and her partners educate, encourage and connect women throughout the U.S. to help them live a life that provides freedom, cash flow and wealth.

Cortney spends her working hours these days coaching and training others while investing passively in notes, tax liens, hotels and the occasional rehabs.

In her free time you’ll catch Cortney volunteering as a mentor and court advocate for foster children, serving on the Foster Care Review Board, travelling with her family or just enjoying the hummingbirds poolside at her Gilbert, AZ home.